Data Reproducibility - American Economic Association

Work In Progress, 2021

I worked at the Labour Dynamics Institute at Cornell University, with Lars Vilhuber - the Data Editor for the American Economic Association.

As a data reproducibility researcher, I was tasked to do the following for manuscripts submitted for review to the AEA Journals:

  1. Read through quality economic manuscripts, and understand the empirical experiments conducted.
  2. Read through the code used to create the empirical results in the papers, and understand the sources and validity of the data used.
  3. Follow the steps outlined by the author to recreate the results in the paper using the code provided.
  4. Document the challenges and debug the code as necessary, determining if the stratgy to gather the data and make the claims is valid.
  5. Additionally, I created an open-source software which the reproducibility team now regularly uses to synchronize thier data setup.